Viewing Factory


We have over 600 workers in our factory.Most of them are local residents, they usually come to the factory by walk or motorcycle.
The plottage of the factory is 8500㎡ and it has 4 buildings.Its total area is suare meters.
The factory is divided into several sections – Flocked box, Leatherette box, paper box,parts, sewing, moulding, forming, printing and head office.One person is responsible for supervising and monitoring each section.The factory is organized properly to achieve Japanese-style QC.

Indonesian staff are always smiling by nature, when you smile to them they would smile back to you. Their character is basically positive, liberal and very friendly.Thanks to the commitment and positivity of the Indonesian staff, the company can work in harmony.This company is like a big family. We sometimes celebrate regional festivals together.Some members of the company have formed a football team. The team is renowned locally as a great team.Our goal is not merely pursuing economic success, but also creating a harmonious relationship between staff and the local community.

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