About customise

We can customize items based on the client’s original design input and specifications.We will realise your image by making preproduction samples for your approval (material and delivery cost are charged)
Our Japan head office has a 3D printer system, so it is possible to check the finish in advance (a handling fee is charged)
In order to reduce initial costs, we recommend utilizing our existing moulds from our own catalog.Choose from a wide variety of materials, sourced from our database of international suppliers.We can also work from your original sketches or illustrations to create something unique, so please let us know.

working process :

1. inquiry

Please submit your design and sales plan.

2.rough estimation

We will show you our rough plan and estimation.

3.detailed arrangements

We will check through the whole project in detail together.

4.official estimation

We will present you with an official quotation.

5.sample making

We will despatch samples to you (the client is liable for delivery costs).



Please send PO by e-mail or Fax(+62-22-7949612).

 Mould line up

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outer materials

leatherette paper
synthetic leathers
flocking colors

inner materials

flock suede
tricot suede
soft touch suedes

outer box materials

fancy papers