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For over 50 years SAN-EI CASE co.ltd (三栄ケース株式会社) has been manufacturing high quality jewelry and watch packaging in Japan. Following our domestic success, in 1990, we established another Asian-based business in Bandung, Indonesia, P.T. SAN-EI CASE INDONESIA. With the same commitment to craftsmanship and value for money, backed by the famous Japanese quality control, the Indonesian factory initially operated mainly in the Japan market. Now, however we export our products to other Asian markets such as Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan, and as far a field as Europe. Managed and supervised by our Japanese staff, P.T. SAN-EI CASE INDONESIA offers you top grade jewelry packaging at competitive prices.

Over the past decade, China has been the biggest supply center in the world for Jewelry packaging. China has been the most convenient supplier with its vast productivity, wide materials options and cheap labor costs. Now that the business climate is changing so dramatically, what is your biggest concern? We believe that your focus should be on the success of your business itself, rather than having to worry about late delivery, defective products or price increases. If you can simply secure a reliable and stable source of packaging, then you can concentrate on creative matters.

Our extensive experience in world markets gives you peace of mind through the design phase to manufacture and finally, despatch.  No need to compromise quality through price- we guarantee customer satisfaction.


Letherette case

GT series

Flocked case

RS series IMAGE

Storage case

Storage box

Paper box

Paper box



Watch case

Watch case

Accessory pouch

accessory pouch

Viewing factory

Viewing Factory650 people are working for SAN-EI. Almost of all members are residents of the neighborhood. 8500 square meter site area has 4 buildings, it is consist of several sections.  Referring to Japanese management method. The factory is organized properly .



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